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What is MEMfit? MEMfit is a 24-session fitness experience guaranteed to achieve all of your fitness goals AND improve the well-being of individuals in Memphis, Tennessee. MEMfit is based on the following principles:

Community - Functional Fitness - Fun.

MEMfit is designed to give you the results that you work for! We provide innovative and challenging workouts that guarantee to inspire! Workouts change on a daily basis so our workout routines are never boring!

MEMfit encourages change not only in your body, but also in your community. With an ever-growing obesity problem in the US, MEMfit's social mission is to implement programs in the city of Memphis that give adults and children alike the access to healthier fitness programs. Proceeds from each camp are set aside specifically for this reason.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wonder if it's worth it?

Ever wonder if geting up before the endure pushups from hell, sit ups from Satan or burpees (we have no earthly idea where they came from)?  Is it worth to LITERALLY work out in 100+ degree weather when you are sweating buckets before you begin the workout?  The answer is yes....but even more accurately, the answer is ....you'll see.

Embarking upon a healthier lifestyle is certainly worth all the headache when you add up all of it's benefits.  It can reduce heart disease and blood pressure, improve skin, improve quality of sleep, assist in combating depression, give you added energy and help you to lose inches. YAY!  If that doesn't do it for you because you've heard that a million times, then think about being around another day for your children, your significant other, your nieces or nephews and most importantly .....YOURSELF.  Is it worth it?  I certainly think so!
Keep up the good work everyone!

Peace, love and pushups!

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