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Monday, November 1, 2010

Did you know that when you drink a Gatorade you are actually ingesting 14 grams of sugar? Or that Vitamin Water contains 13 grams of sugar and 50 calories per serving? That equals 125 calories in one drink. We all know sodas are full of sugars and calories, but most drinks are very sneaky in hiding their sugars. This is easily done through deceptive advertising and marketing. Most people are unaware about the hidden calories in many drinks including juices and “waters.” Check out the following to see how your favorite drink may stack up. This might be a wake up call!

Coca-Cola (12 oz) 39 g sugar
Amp Energy Drink (8.4 oz) 31 g sugar
Arizona Iced Tea (8 oz) 24 g sugar
Apple Juice (8 oz) 26 g sugar
Chocolate Milk (8 oz) 24 g sugar
Gatorade (8 oz) 14 g sugar
Ginger Ale (12 oz) 33 g sugar
Full Throttle (16 oz) 58 g sugar
Lipton Iced Tea (12 oz) 33 g sugar
Minute Maid Orange Juice (8 oz) 24 g sugar
Monster (16 oz) 54 g sugar
Mountain Dew (12 oz) 47 g sugar
Nestea Iced Tea (16 oz) 34 g sugar
Pepsi (12 oz) 40 g sugar
Powerade (8 oz) 14 g sugar
Red Bull (8.34 oz) 24 g sugar
Rockstar (16 oz) 60 g sugar
Snapple Tea (16 oz) 36 g sugar
Sobe (8 oz) 29 g sugar
Sprite (12 oz) 39 g sugar
Starbucks Bottled Frapp (9.5 oz) 33 g sugar
Vitamin Water (8 oz) 13 g sugar
                       (20 oz) 33 g sugar

Look for the following "buzz words" on the ingredient list, then step away because it is a sneaky name for sugar in a calorie-sweetened beverage!

- high fructose corn syrup
- fructose
- sucrose
- dextrose
- fruit juice concentrates
- honey
- sugar
- syrup
- corn syrup

You now can be your very own detective! Start picking up the bottles and examine the nutrition labels. Make sure you check out the serving size! Some drinks can have up to 3 servings causing you to ingest 100s of calories! In the end, water is always the best option!
(written by Alyssa Dragutsky)

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