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Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Holiday season is here and I know we are all looking forward to those huge holiday meals! Unfortunately, no one wants extra lbs as part of their New Years Eve outfit. This blog will help you step into the meal prepared with some do’s and don’ts for the Turkey Day.

-Get a in some exercise Thanksgiving morning.  Yes, it's a holiday but no need for a break!  Take a brisk walk, run or another fun activity that you and perhaps the family would love to enjoy.

-prepare your dishes, always using light, low fat, and fat free healthy substitutes. For example, substitute 1 egg for 2 egg whites,  fat-free yogurt for sour cream, fat free chicken broth for gravy, use sugar substitutes and wheat breads instead of white

- look online to get ideas on how to provide several delicious healthy side dishes, desserts, and even main turkey dishes!

-stick to white skinless pieces when choosing which piece of turkey to eat.  This is an excellent source of protein.

-Skip seconds and opt for dessert instead!

-Choose yummy fall vegetables.  They will give your plate color while filling you up on fewer calories.  Try new foods - don't waste calories on food you can have all year (like bread)

-Leave the LEFTOVERS!!!!  No need to take those extra calories home with you!  Remember they rarely leave!!

-Go into your Thanksgiving meal hungry- that could be your worst downfall. Drink plenty of water before and during the meal.

-Heap huge servings of each dish on your plate.  Instead pretend that you are taste-testing each dish.
-fill up on creamy, cheesy and fried dishes that you know are high in fat.
- fill up on canned fruits and vegetables. These are high in sodium and the taste is not even close to the real thing.  Opt for fresh berries, baked apples and other fresh fruit instead.

Really focus on the flavors of this Thanksgiving meal. The meaning of Thanksgiving is not about stuffing yourself, but appreciating the food you do have.
Focus on family and friends during the meal instead of the food. Help clean up and take a nice walk after the meal. This will give you some extra bonding time and really allow you to give thanks for your loved ones!

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