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Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you brave enough to answer "how many times a day? week? month?

In a study that was released this month it stated that many Americans just don't get it  enough.
Are you one of them?  Before you begin wondering what in fact we're talking about.  The study stated that only 6% of Americans are getting enough vegetables in their daily diet.  And only about 8% are consuming the recommended daily helping of fruits!  Astounding right?  Well, answer the question listed above in the title.  How many times a day are you consuming fruits and veggies?  I bet the answer is interesting......: )

Some of you may say, "I take vitamins so I don't need to eat that stuff, I don't like it".  Vitamins are awesome....AS A SUPPLEMENT to what your body gets NATURALLY.  There is so much value (anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals) in all of our fruits and vegetables.

Here's a few tips to increase your intake:
1.  Need a mid-afternoon snack?  Instead of grabbing chips from the vending machine, pack some carrots or an apple instead.
2. Color code your meals.  The more colorful the better!  Add fruits and veggies to breakfast lunch and dinner by using reds (tomatoes or red peppers), blues (blueberries or grapes) and especially greens (kale greens, mixed green salad or cabbage).
3.  Add fresh or frozen fruit into your desserts.  You can add strawberries,blueberries, raspberries, craisins, bananas into frozen yogurt or sherbert (for an extra pop add some granola). Be creative!

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