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What is MEMfit? MEMfit is a 24-session fitness experience guaranteed to achieve all of your fitness goals AND improve the well-being of individuals in Memphis, Tennessee. MEMfit is based on the following principles:

Community - Functional Fitness - Fun.

MEMfit is designed to give you the results that you work for! We provide innovative and challenging workouts that guarantee to inspire! Workouts change on a daily basis so our workout routines are never boring!

MEMfit encourages change not only in your body, but also in your community. With an ever-growing obesity problem in the US, MEMfit's social mission is to implement programs in the city of Memphis that give adults and children alike the access to healthier fitness programs. Proceeds from each camp are set aside specifically for this reason.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Workouts for the week.....October 11, 2010

Tuesday - Take a run today.  You should get in at least 2 miles.  When you complete this run/jog/walk. Complete the following - 30 pushups - 35 squats - 30 dips - 40 ccrunches or situps. 

Wednesday - So let's begin with 2 minutes each of the following exercises: up/downs, skier (with lunge), high knees (make sure to get your knees above your hips) finish up with ....that's right burpees!!!!  Rest for 2 minutes and then begin 2 minutes of the following exercises:  crunches, situp (reach and touch the sky), bow and arrow (REMEMBER - SLOW) and oblique crunces (try to touch your ankle - side to side).  Rest for 2 minutes and then complete the following: lunges, squat jumps (with a weight or med ball if you can), lunges.  Repeat 2X!  Enjoy

Thursday - Begin with completing dips beginning with 1 and going to 10 (complete one rep, then two reps, then three, etc.).  Immediately go into pushups completing them in the same fashion.  Rest for 1 minute. Take a 1 mile run - try to accomplish this in 10-12 minutes.  Time yourself!  Complete 100 crunches (vary these).  Then repeat!

Friday - Complete the following:
45 Mountain climbers (R/L = 1)
35 pushups
40 Mountain Climbers
25 Wide pushups
35 Mountain Climbers
20 tricep pushups
80 jump rope rotations
40 sumo squats
75 jump rope rotations
35 plie squats
Repeat 2X - Rest as needed in between sets

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